The Gayler Process

A Start to Finish Method for Success

The Gayler Process defines a method that is not only unique in the new construction and remodeling industry, but also a proven system in managing a home or business construction project from first contact to a successful completion.

Phase 1: First Phone Call

  1. Review the needs, wants and desires for your project
  2. Discuss the budget for your project
  3. Review the Gayler Process
  4. Assess if there is a “good fit” between Gayler, client and project
  5. If yes, set appointment

Phase 2: In-Home Consultation

  1. Discuss your project and budget and walk the areas affected
  2. Review the Gayler Process
  3. Make a decision whether to move to the next step (a design agreement or estimate fee agreement if a complete set of plans is already available)

Phase 3: Design Development

  1. Design Agreement is signed and fee is paid
  2. A Client Design Questionnaire is completed
  3. Gayler takes measurements and photos
  4. As-built drawings are developed
  5. Gayler designs a Conceptual Floor Plan with budget
  6. Once the floor plan is finalized, 3D renderings are created so you can visualize yourself in your new room
  7. Design meetings are held with client and Gayler design team

Phase 4: Pre-Construction

  1. Construction Agreement and Scope of Work are signed
  2. Engineering, Elevations and Structural Plans completed
  3. Permits obtained
  4. Selections finalized with the help of our Interior Designer
  5. Project Manager assigned
  6. Materials ordered
  7. Workmen scheduled
  8. Project information distributed and Client receives Binder
  9. Construction schedule made
  10. Pre-construction meeting with client
  11. Project-and client-specific page in Builder Trend is added so client can access project information, schedule, pictures, etc.

Phase 5: Construction

  1. Work begins
  2. Project Manager maintains construction schedule and coordinates all work with crew & trades
  3. Project Manager inspects all material deliveries and coordinates product installations
  4. Weekly meetings between Client and Project Manager
  5. Beginning-of-the-week email check-in by Darlene Gayler
  6. Quality, cleanliness, communication and timeliness receive top priority

Phase 6: Post Construction

  1. Project finishes
  2. Industry Leading 5-year guarantee = 30 day, 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year, 4 year and 5 year follow ups by phone or email
  3. Celebrate a Successful Project!

Find out how the Gayler Process can give you the home of your dreams. Give us a call at 925-820-0185, and let’s start talking about your project.