Advantages of Design-Build

By performing both the design and construction process, Gayler Construction provides the most beautiful, long-lasting and highest value remodeling projects in the industry. There are many benefits offered by using a design-build construction process. These include:

Coordination: One team working together, and in the case of Gayler Construction, it’s a team that’s worked together for years and has streamlined the process to decrease project duration by over 30%

Accountability: No finger pointing. As a client, you will know exactly who is responsible for your project and you’ll have easy access to your Project Manager.

Collaboration: The design-build team approach is structured to create an ongoing collaborative relationship between the client and the Gayler Team from start to finish.

Professional Expertise: Every member of the Gayler Construction design-build team is a seasoned professional. We have won numerous awards for our projects, and we constantly strive to up our game with each and every design-build venture.

Transparency: Every Gayler Construction client receives a detailed binder that outlines the full spectrum of the project and describes the project schedule. We use a secure online building project system, Builder Trend, which makes it easy for clients to communicate, collaborate and track their projects.  We conduct regular meetings with clients before project launch and on site once tear down and construction is under way so we can apprise you of our progress, answer your questions, solicit feedback and describe the next steps.

Cost Efficiency: A coordinated design-build means that you are not paying additional fees for an architect, designer and general contractor. It also means that the whole team is aware of every budget line item and takes responsibility for managing costs to stay true to the budget. Gayler Construction has a 17-year record of delivering our projects on time and on budget, and we credit the Gayler Process for helping us achieve this accomplishment.

If you would like to learn more about design-build construction process or you have questions about a potential remodeling project or new construction, please give us a call at 925-820-0185. We also encourage you to review our gallery to see the results of some of our design-build projects.